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Testosterone Benefits



Anti-Aging Answer for Men’s good health using Testosterone

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

Men are exclusively simple when it comes to a man’s critical hormones, which build a man up

and cause regeneration of muscles bones and some extremely crucial brain function. These all

lie in a man’s ability to make youthful blood levels of Testosterone. Always remember it is

testosterone that keeps all muscles in the body at their normal size and ability to function in a

youthful manner Testosterone keeps men vigorously healthy.

A man produces testosterone by the posterior pituitary’s release of LH which then triggers the

release of HCG which further instructs a man’s testicles to make testosterone. The other super

powerful regenerator of all cells tissues and organs is HGH human growth hormone. These two

hormones kept at youthful blood levels will stop a man from early stage Andropause. All

medical research scientists agree low testosterone is a main cause of male Andropause….The

inability for a man to make youthful blood levels of testosterone. Interesting that the virtually

all male board of American medicine the AMA does not recognize the validity of male


Andropause….. Ego and false pride changes nothing, when you can no longer make the 2 critical


male hormones at youthful blood levels, the reality is just like female menopause, men

change….and that change leads to old age and early death.

Testosterone is made in great abundance in young men age 13 to 30. Testosterone is the

combination on the molecular level of Cholesterol, the B vitamins and Oxygen.

However as we age past age 35 there is a large drop off in about 70% of male production of

testosterone according to the national Institute for Health (NHI) If this drop in production of

testosterone is too severe and happens too quickly, the heart being a muscle can quickly get too small and

not be able to meet cardiac blood stroke volume….the amount of blood needed by the entire

body per beat of your heart.

This can lead to a very sudden electrical storm within the heart

muscle causing severe arrhythmias’ followed by death according to the Harvard ten year

medical study on the human heart…. And we are not talking about a few men dying this way

per year, the CDC estimates nearly 170,000 men die each year caused by the above mentioned


All men can avoid the above described horror by taking swift action and getting a blood test

done to see what your testosterone levels are….forget about the reference range we look at

what is the OPTIMAL range for testosterone at youthful levels I keep mine at 800 to 950. Most

men over 45 will come in with blood levels of roughly 250 to 475, I and a team of scientist/doctors

consider that range to be dangerously low.

So if you have symptoms of :

  1. Low Energy, sudden fat built up around your waistline over the last 2 years, sleep
  2. Poor sleep
  3. Inability to concentrate
  4. Lower sex drive
  5. And irritability….you are looking at Low Testosterone
  6. If you have severe loss of testosterone you could lose hair, have muscle tears, and even

bone fractures…even if you are in your late 40’s and 50’s

Once we restore you to youthful levels of testosterone you will have these great




  1. Decrease in body fat
  2. Increased Muscle tone
  3. Stronger muscles and bones
  4. Improved mood
  5. Higher sex drive
  6. Improved sleep
  7. Enhanced sense of well being
  8. A stronger healthier heart
  9. Increased stamina for work, play, and exercise
  10. Greater Stamina


Several other important factors for men is to keep certain foods very high in your diet:


  1. Pumpkin seeds, have a very high amount of Zinc which prevents prostate cancer and is a good

source of fiber

  1. A zinc nutraceutical supplement is a must starting when a man is 25 years old
  2. Almonds just 10 per day have for 50 years been associated with prevention of cancer of the Lymph

glands in men.

  1. Acetyl- L Carnitine is found in very lean meat, try hard to eat organic meat from Whole foods.
  2. If you use milk every morning with cereal please buy organic milk free of pesticides as regular milk

has enormous concentrations of Estrogen like substances in it which can make a man of young age

need testosterone…I have had several patients that were 27 and 28 years old that had testosterone

levels of a 70 year old due to the fact that they drank large amounts of regular milk daily.

Men doing these above recommendations will help the massive positive effects of testosterone and

good health for men.


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