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Whey Protein Facts and Application, Dr. Lawrence Sosna

by: Dr. Lawrence Sosna

The word Protein means “first substance”. Our first protein food was found in our mother’s milk. Milk

is the only food designed specifically to optimally sustain the life of a mammal. In fact, the root word

for nutrition means to suckle.  As a species, we would not have survived if not for the nutrition and

protection mother’s milk offers.

Whey is one of the two protein groups found in milk. It is a liquid complex consisting of a wide range

of proteins. The other protein group is casein, which curds are made from and then processed into


Whey is an original complete protein food and is considered number one for building and

regenerating our bodies and maintaining a strong immune system.  Our entire metabolic process

relies on the intake of complete protein.  We cycle proteins into amino acids constantly.

Even Hippocrates, the Greek physician of the 5th century B.C., the “father of medicine”, knew the

benefits of whey protein. He stated that the body has an inner adaptive or healing power, and that to

strengthen this healing power, he prescribed serum (liquid whey) to his patients. It was true non-

denatured, native whey. It provided full biological activity and numerous health benefits. All

commercial whey proteins available now are derived from extensively processed milk and

incomparable to the vitality in that 2500 year-old prescription.

It is appropriate to review some important definitions of terms used:

Native Protein: The naturally occurring conformation of a protein. Unaltered by heat, chemicals,

enzyme action or processing. (Native is the same structure and proportion as in the original


Denatured: To cause the tertiary structure of (a protein) to unfold, as with heat, alkali, or acid, so

that some of its original properties, especially its biological activity, are diminished or eliminated. (It

means damaged.)

Undenatured: To undamage. (A term that is used without discretion in the industry and is

misleading. It is not possible for a protein to be undenatured.)

Non-denatured: The same structure and proportion as in the original substance with full biological

activity. (Never damaged.)

Presently, the various commercial methods of processing whey do not improve or even maintain the

fragile immune modulating and regenerative components or the biological activity that was originally

in the milk. Most are overly processed and damaged during the manufacturing process.

There are three commercial production methods, which comprise the majority of available whey

proteins. They are isolates (the most popular), ion-exchange and hydrolyzed forms. They are all

ultra-filtered, cross-flow filtered or micro-filtered via elaborate patented methods developed by large

dairies. The milk used in these three methods undergoes major processing that involves high heat

(often multiple times) and drastic acidification of the whey to produce curds for manufacturing

cheese. These steps denature (damage) the proteins. What is then required is extensive filtration to

remove the many denatured proteins in order to produce the highest percentage of protein.

Unfortunately the fragile vital protein components (immunoglobulins, lactoferring, serum albumin,

etc), which determine the biological activity of the protein, are not retained. The terms undenatured

and cold-processed are prevalent with these commercial products, but once a protein is denatured it

is not possible to undenature it.

The key point in regard to the quality and effectiveness of whey is that the full range of biological

activity and proportion of the protein components be preserved in their original native form as nature

provided. Only whey that is minimally processed and maintained can achieve that goal. Additionally,

the health of the milking cows and quality of the milk is the foundation of this type of product.

Non-denatured whey protein has the highest biological value of any protein. It is a complete

protein, unlike soy, and provides all the essential amino acids in the correct balance. The five major

active proteins of whey are lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, alpha-lactalbumin

and beta-lactoglobulin. There are many whey products available; therefore it is highly advisable to

have in writing from the manufacturer, the treatment of the cows and the processing the milk


Covalent Bonded Cysteine (the non-denatured form), is the critical amino acid required for the all-

important intracellular production of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH). Glutathione is our body’s

master antioxidant and is responsible for numerous defense and repair functions and is an effective

anti-aging substance. Glutathione is best utilized when we produce it internally. Cysteine is very

scarce in our modern diet and therefore glutathione production is limited and deficiency is prevalent.

If cysteine undergoes extreme heating or processing, as most commercial whey products do, it is

denatured and converted to cystine. Covalent-bonded cysteine, active peptides, anabolic growth

factors and enzymes are also present in non-denatured whey protein.

The public is now becoming more aware of the value of quality protein and is choosing whey protein

for many good reasons. Whey protein benefits are numerous, and can yield a wide range of

immune-enhancing properties. It also has the ability to act as an antioxidant, antihypertensive, anti-

tumor, antiviral and antibacterial. A number of clinical trials have successfully been performed using

whey as an antimicrobial agent and in the treatment of cancer, HIV, hepatitis B & C, cardiovascular

disease and osteoporosis. It has a major role in red blood cell production, support in chemotherapy

treatment, safe binding and detoxification of heavy metals, wound healing, growth of new muscle,

weight regulation and the support of numerous immune functions. It is used by populations that have

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Respiratory disease,

cognitive disorder from nutritional compromise and for any sports performance improvement.

Dr. Lawrence Sosna

Dr. Lawrence Sosna Graduated first in his class from the Fairfield College of Myopractics and

Naturopathic Medicine. He is a N.D. and has a PhD in Myology with an emphasis in Orthomolecular

Biochemistry. He strictly practices Integrative Medicine – his research field being cellular

regeneration, Anti-Aging and bio-identical comprehensive hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Sosna

lectures on these topics at symposiums all over the world.

Copyright © January 2005

Whey Protein Facts and Applications


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Whey Protein Quality As Compared to Other Available


The quality of dietary proteins is a vital factor in determining what proteins are the most valuable in

terms of how the body assimilates and utilizes the protein as a resource.

To test these ratios in a protein source we begin with an amino acid analysis, a nitrogen analysis,

and then we proceed to the biologic testing. Measuring changes in the protein of the body is a well

accepted evaluative analysis used to determine protein quality, measured as Biologic Value (BV).

This involves the measurement of nitrogen intake from the protein and the output of nitrogen in the

feces and urine. BV is therefore a measurement of the nitrogen absorbed and utilized by the body.

  • Biologic Value (BV) of Dietary Proteins(1)
  • Protein Biologic Value
  • Whey protein 104
  • Egg 100
  • Cow’s Milk 91
  • Beef 80
  • Fish 79
  • Casein 77
  • Soy 74
  • Potato 71
  • Rice 59
  • Wheat 54
  • Beans 49

As this table shows, the animal proteins are high in BV, and are therefore complete proteins(2).

While vegetable proteins are much more incomplete and retain a lower BV rating, due as well to

their lower digestibility(1). With a mixture of these vegetable proteins the effect of a complete protein

can be produced when eaten in sufficient quantity, but this requires a great deal more total protein to

satisfy these requirements.

Whey Protein Concentrates

The benefits (as shown above) of using a whey protein concentrate (WPC) is great according to the

BV of this protein source. It fulfills the body’s amino acid intake beyond any other source of protein

listed above, as well as being a very versatile dietary food. Our Proserum® native whey protein®

concentrate contains all of the essential amino acids for the body as well as providing cysteine and

glutamine. These amino acids are precursors and are necessary for the production of glutathione, a

vital free radical neutralizer in the body.

WPC is defined as a whey protein concentrate containing approximately 80% protein. Proserum® is

a WPC.

1. Renner E. Milk Protein. In: Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition. Munich:

Volkswirtschaftlicher Verlag, 1983

2. Mahan LK, Escott-Stump S. Proteins. In: Krauses Food Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 9th edition,

Philidelphia: WB Saunders; 1996

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

It seems like everyone has heard about HGH Human Growth Hormone. But what is it? And is it

safe to take? HGH is 191 Amino Acids in an Exact Molecular Structure. It is NOT a Steroid! Given Correctly at the right dosage it is very Safe and Effective…

If I may be so bold as to talk to you just like we were friends and neighbors, I would be very


You see over 35 years ago, I was just about to die from a serious yet common virus

which normally just shows up on the lip as a sore. Well, that is just what happened AND for

some reason it jumped right on up through my nose, through my sinus and attacked my brain

and spinal cord. All I heard from the doctors was get ready young man, because it seems like

you’re time is up. But guess what? I sure got lucky and did not die like they all said I would. It

was really bad though. I spent 3 years in bed and another 2 years in a wheel chair until I got a

little bit better and one of my friends, also a doctor told me I should take HGH Human Growth

Hormone…and that I might get better. Well, that was the first good news anyone gave me in 5

whole years.

See, think about it like this. Growth Hormone is like a five star general. It’s very smart and just

like a five star general it can and does give orders and commands to everything in our whole

body. Amazing right! So let say you lived in the condo just down the hall on the same floor as

me and you would come and visit me so I would not get so lonely. Because that’s the kind of

friend you are, a real good and decent one.

You noticed each week I was getting a lot better suddenly, and when you came to visit you

wanted to know how in the world did I go from being flat on my back, to moving around and

even walking a bit. Naturally being a friend you had, and maybe still have lots of questions

about how in the world does Growth Hormone make a guy as bad off as me so much better

week after week.

Well, the research doctors explained it very simply by saying that HGH human growth hormone

or just plain GH growth hormone, being the 5 star general, gives orders to the cells in the body

to repair themselves. Growth Hormone can tell any cell at all…say a skin cell, or a nerve cell, or

a heart cell to repair and regenerate itself during deep restful sleep at night. In my situation I

needed lots of repair and regeneration to the nerve cells of my brain and spinal nerves.

It seemed as if I was the only person to survive this type of horrible viral damage to my brain

and spinal nerves they said maybe a few have lived but in a life long coma. So, please listen to

the next part of my journey… because it’s Super Amazing…They tell me that I am going to Italy

to be treated by a woman who won the Nobel Prize in 1985 exactly the time I needed her

because she discovered something very close to growth Hormone which I needed called Nerve

Growth Factor… which when we are in our mother’s womb…Grows all of the billions of Nerves

that become our BRAIN and spinal nerves. I was the first person on this planet to get shots of

nerve growth factor which Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for and guess what

happened next???

I made a discovery which made me a little famous within Nerve Scientists and Regenerative

Medicine Experts… few that existed back then. What you ask? I discovered that unless a person

with nerve damage or any other long term illness GETS very youthful blood levels of Growth

Hormone to activate the Nerve Growth Factor! Remember Growth Hormone is the Five Star

General, so I could feel the injections of Nerve Growth Factor not making me better… so I did

some basic arithmetic and decided I needed both Nerve growth Factor and Blood levels of

GROWTH HORMONE which would be normal for the average healthy 14 year old young adult.

In 12 months of doing the treatment this way, I went back to Italy 100% healed. No more wheel

chair. The new program had regenerated all of me and repaired all damaged nerves to my

brain and spine. I got better and in the process of needing to do maintenance each week and

each month throughout the years….I became an acknowledged expert in the field of Growth

Hormone Programs, Regeneration Therapies and all the Tissue Growth Factors of the body

starting with Nerve Growth Factor.

As you age, growth hormone declines dramatically. There are new studies that predict that for

every 18 years after age 18…Growth Hormone Declines by 50%. Thus, according to the University

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill….known for being the best at medical studies based on age and

by large groups of people by their age… called demographic medical research studies… We can

see that if you add 18 years to age 18 in just 3 times a person would go from age 18 to age 54

and we see in just 1 more cycle a person is then age 72  and if we go just 1 more cycle a

person becomes age 90… If we follow this very simple method, we see a virtually perfect

predictive model for all age related disease and illness. In this model, aging is an illness in and of

itself. WHY? Because there is simply not enough growth hormone available at or above age 50

to mobilize or put more simply, to turn on the specific nerve growth factor and all the other

tissue growth factors such as muscle growth factor, or skin growth factor, or liver and kidney

growth factor, BONE GROWTH FACTOR…which decline in tandem with growth hormone to be

able to do youthful levels of cell repair and regeneration and thus all the age related issues

including wrinkled skin seen on the face and age related illnesses debilitate folks in time. It is

horrible to see unnecessary Bone Lose and see little old men and women hunched way

over…unable to straighten back up.

So what can we do? We can give much more youthful blood levels of Growth Hormone by

injection, in fact by a very tiny needle so small most folks hardly if ever even feel it. I certainly

do not feel it and I have been giving myself Growth Hormone shots for 25 years.

What else can we do that very few other places can do? We can give our beloved family of

clients all of the specific Tissue Growth Factors including Nerve Growth Factor. We can get

our clients back to youthful levels of both HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE and ALL TISSUE

GROWTH FACTORS so as to be always consistent in producing cell repair and regeneration for

our client’s entire body and not just a few aspects of the body.

I am now age 63 as of Jan. 27 and I have the physiology of a 30 year old and often feel

younger than that.

Advantages to this protocol:

Better Eyesight vision… especially at Night

Increased Cardiac output (stronger more youthful heart muscle)

Enhanced Sex Drive

Loss of FAT around the waist

Increase in lean body muscle

Better metabolism

Much Faster Wound Healing

Hair and Nails Grow Longer Faster (Women Love it)

Improves Daily Energy

Increases Confidence

Emotional ability to Deal with Stress

Much Improved Sleep

Better Orgasms

According to Dr. Daniel Rudman, in New England Journal of Medicine….Age Reversal

And so much MORE

Please come to AAI and see me and the outstanding loving and caring staff….Because you will

become part of our family of beloved clients by phone or in person we live a great part of our

lives to reverse you’re age and allow you to feel incredibly youthful again.

Kindly, Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

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How to Heal from Extreme Stress in American Culture and the Debilitating Effects

Recently we had a class on Digestion and it became apparent that many eating and digestive disorders were a direct result of how we race ahead at break-neck speed. We seem to be always in some kind of obsessive routine. It may be the phone, constant deal making, overuse of the computer so much so that  the time to properly chew our food 32 times before swallowing does not exist. We are the only country to actually confirm Restless Leg Syndrome as an actual medical illness with a CPT code. The same goes for Acid Reflux Disease. In Europe Chronic Reflux is not part of their medical coding because it does not exist. We talked about the fact that inability to digest our food properly has lead to a multi-billion dollar market in medications for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leakey Gut Syndrome, Gurd, Constipation, and a host of other digestive disorders that make 73% of our population miserable.
Chronic high level stress weakens all of the human bodies 9 organ systems starting with the Neuroendocrine system. First the Adrenal glands are taxed so severely that Cortisol is always high in the blood…eventually over time millions of people get adrenal burnout and cannot produce this stress fighting hormone at all. When that happens the Adrenal Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis starts to shut down. The more it shuts down the more ill a person becomes until they are both chronically and acutely and severely sick.
The AHP Axis is the most important one in the whole homeostatic bio-feedback loop and thus the next issue at hand is that the entire immune system becomes so down regulated….folks are picked apart by many different types of viruses, bacteria and a whole host of opportunistic micro-pathogens.
According to the American Psychological Association, Chronic High Level STRESS eats away at our emotional adaptive resources. While its hard for me to believe the APA, always great at statistical research says as of 2014, 40% of the American population cannot get a full nights sleep. They report of that 40% 32% have at least 3 nights a week in which they do not sleep at all…. Again almost hard for me to believe.. yet that is the hard reality and if you fall into that 40% you will have 2 times the risk of a heart attack.
This type of stress causes severe emotional turmoil and can lead to drug abuse and binge eating disorders. Emotional Distress can eventually if not interrupted, cause disabling depression or a complete nervous breakdown.
We need to slow down to start to talk about solutions. Taking a walk outside each day is relaxing. We need to avail ourselves of meditation. Many research studies on Transcendental Meditation( super easy to learn and do 20 min. 2 times a day can reduce stress by 60% There is also research showing TM can heal the adrenal glands and start to heal the entire AHP Axis. Slowing down and making better choices, like chewing you’re food 32 times per bite can and does have a major impact in recovery. Eating whole foods, cutting down on sugars, and doing 15 min. of light Yoga will go a long way to heal completely from full stress burnout. The key is to do these healing choices DAILY we must all learn that is NOT what you do once in a while that hurts us its the destructive daily habits that really produces great harm….
To all of our family of friend our dear clients at AAI Rejuvenation, we wish you a very conscious clear choice to achieve a true balance of moderate stress and the joy of allowing us to assist you with gaining perfected states of good health.
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Scientists Have “Reversed” Autism In Mice

A complex spectrum of disorders, it’s highly unlikely that there’s a single cause for autism. That said, a number of genes have been linked with the condition, so can a bit of genetic tweaking help lessen symptoms? Maybe in the future, a new study suggests, as scientists have now managed to reverse some autism-like behaviors by manipulating a single gene in both young and adult mice, even improving brain function in certain areas.

“This suggests that even in the adult brain we have profound plasticity to some degree,” lead researcher Guoping Feng from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said in a statement. “There is more and more evidence showing that some of the defects are indeed reversible, giving hope that we can develop treatment for autistic patients in the future.”

Called Shank3, the gene contains the instructions for a protein found at the connections, or synapses, between nerve cells across which information flows. As a scaffold, it hooks up receptors for chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) with the inner workings of the cell, helping organize the synapse so that cells can respond to incoming signals. It also helps with the formation of little knobbly bits on neurons called dendrites, which receive synaptic messages.

A small percentage of individuals with autism have been found to be missing the Shank3 gene, and a number of mutations within this gene have also been discovered in those on the autistic spectrum. Exactly how these contribute to the condition remains unclear, although earlier work by Feng has contributed to our understanding. Most notably, deleting Shank3 in mice messed up the synapses in a certain brain region called the striatum, reducing the number of dendrites present, and also led to the development of autism-like behaviors such as deficits in social interaction and repetitive actions.

Read the full article herehttp://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/switching-1-gene-adult-mice-reverses-autism-behaviors

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The Hero In All Of Us

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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