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Anti Aging Fruits Telling You What Government Won't.

Enhancing human health and wellness by advancing the profession of Naturopathic Medicine. It has been said that growing older is not for the timid. Wrinkles form and our age begins to show around our mouths and eyes. Sometimes age spots appear on the hands, causing ever more nervous tension as time marches onward. There are preventative measures any person can take to at least slow down the aging process. One of the most delicious ways to prevent aging is through preparing and enjoying particular foods.

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Anti Aging

Adding a variety of colorful and nutritious foods is one of the best defenses against aging.

Illness Prevention

Garlic has healing properties, such as cold prevention, wart removal, and to treat athlete’s foot.

Weight Loss

Fiber-rich grains have anti aging benefits such as weight loss, heart health, and lower blood sugar.

Vitamin C

Red Bell Peppers contain roughly 60 percent more vitamin C—which triggers the production of white blood cells that fight off germs and bacteria.



Meet our in house Holistic Doctor

Providing custom made Organic Medications, Healing protocols, from the infinite bounty of Natures Biochemistry and we synergistically blend them together to achieve vibrant good health.

Enhancing human health and wellness.

Holistic Health Care takes the approach that health care encompasses more than treating one symptom of one body party. It approaches health care with a view of “wellness” and looking for causes over a “quick fix” of problems.

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Dr Sosna Product

The only HGH product world wide backed by 18 years of science that causes the Pituitary Gland to release YOUTHFUL…

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What patients say About Us

  • My name is Riz Mirza and it is my great pleasure to communicate I have personally known Dr. Larry Sosna for over 25 years as both a patient and a friend. Dr. Larry is what I would call a Phenom, a once in a lifetime genius of natural and integrative medicine. If he can't help you it is doubtful anyone can that is how amazing Dr. Larry Sosna is. Riz Mirza and family Malibu CA

  • My daughter was born with a rare brain biochemistry, which made her very aggressive. I took her to 22 different doctors over many years but although she was given many prescription drugs, nothing helped her. Molly would attack me and many students at school being suspended many times; until I met Dr. Larry Sosna. He suggested I read about L-Theanine and its natural calming effect as well as Relora-plex, as I read about how these natural organic substances worked I asked Dr. Larry if he could recommend a dose level and if he would obtain the purest and most highly concentrated of these two Nutraceutical products possible, which Dr. Larry did. Within 3 weeks Molly never attacked anyone ever again and her grades in school went to all A's and B's I can never thank Dr. Larry enough and that is why I give my real name and the city where I live so people will know Dr. Larry Sosna is the real master of healing. Kindly, Debbie Karras Oceanside CA

  • I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Sosna, as a friend and professional. He is one of the most interesting person's I have had the pleasure in meeting and a loyal friend. When it comes to his attributes, there are many, but one really stands out for me. That being, his knowledge in the medical field, he always is a wealth of information. If he does not have an answer for you, he will research the matter until he finds an answer. This is the kind of person, that really makes a difference in one's life.