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Risks Associated with Low HGH in Men

Men are extremely different than woman when it comes to the risks which arise from low

(HGH) Human Growth Hormone. Men with risky low levels of HGH will suffer from

extraordinary lack of energy and motivation.

HGH in men is exceptionally crucial as the man’s two most significant hormones which build

them up physically and even emotionally are HGH and Testosterone. Women are much more

complicated hormonally speaking.

Please let us make this very clear Protein has been scientifically proven to build human beings

up. Therefore we call the building up process Anabolic…which has NOTHING to do with

steroids…HGH is NOT a steroid but it is the single most important hormone in a man’s body.

Conversely, there are substances that tear the body down and that is called the Catabolic

process and this is highly dangerous for men to be in a catabolic state, ever.

Simply put, if a man is low in HGH he is automatically catabolic.

What exactly does that mean and just how dangerous a risk is this?

It means that when a man is in a catabolic state from low HGH he is not able to replace cells

and tissues faster than his body is breaking them down. What exactly does that mean?

According to Dr. Sam Baxus, one of the world’s foremost authorities for over 40 years on low

HGH…it means that you as a man are needlessly slowly dying faster than their male friends who

do not yet have low human growth hormone blood levels.

There also exits a direct relationship between HGH and testosterone in men such that if a man

is low in HGH it is very likely to have a negative impact Testosterone production. Thus more

muscle weakness, fatigue, more fat lower lean muscle mass, and depression in men.

It means, that every aspect, every part of your body is being torn down piece by piece.

And the leading first symptom for men is lack of energy and low motivation.

Then men notice an increase in fat around the belly area and a loss of tone to their muscles.

This alone is a risk which is certainly not acceptable once a man understands that inner fat

increased around the waistline has clearly been established by cardiologists as an INCREASED

risk of having a sudden and severe Heart Attack.

Demographic studies at the University of North Carolina (chapel Hill) often referred to as the

little Harvard of the South… is known to produce the best studies of risk for illnesses of every

type according to age and the numbers of folks in each age group.

Regarding their study on HGH by age groups something enormously profound was gleaned.

Age 18, is the best age group nationwide according to HGH levels and the almost complete lack

of illness in that age group. We noticed that every 8 years after age 18 there was and is a

dramatic rise in age related disease so if one takes age 18 as nearly perfect for HGH purposes

and we times 18 by 3 we get age 54 the highest group of men by age for heart attacks each

year. Between age 45 and 55 men are at severe risk for heart attacks

Thus if we look at all age related disease due to lack of HGH by this best demographic study

ever done so far, we find an enormous mistake. Generally it has been said we lose 50% of our

HGH output every 30 years past age 20. So it has been said for years that age 50 you make only

half the HGH as you did at 20

BUT if one delves deeply into the University of North Carolina’s massive demographic research

study on age related illness and relationship to HGH levels we easily see that after age 18 we

lose 50% of our HGH output every 8 years after the age 18.

So for men the risks come on generally around age 35 to 40 with belly fat and lack of energy

and motivation.

Next there are changes in the make-up of cholesterol with an increase in the bad LDL and also

an increase in the dangerous Triglyceride levels going up for men.

A man’s stamina decreases when HGH levels are low.

Men experience less lean muscle with low HGH

Men also complain about being more sensitive to heat and cold with low HGH. Men are more

sensitive to light. Especially bright light, which is an indication of breakdown of eye tissue.

Men experience as an early warning sign of low HGH a lack of sexual desire and function.

Eventually, bones density becomes more porous and fractures from a simple trip fall can occur

The immune system starts to breakdown for men if they do not take action and get themselves

on more optimal youthful blood levels of HGH.

Men, you can forgo all these dangerous risks. AAI provides true expert advice and expert HGH

treatment protocols. Women live 10 years longer than men. Come on guys 10 years is a mini