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More doctors are prescribing exercise instead of medication

March 15
BOSTON — When Dr. Michelle Johnson scribbles out prescriptions, the next stop for many of her patients is the gym, not the pharmacy.

Doctors treating chronic health problems increasingly are prescribing exercise for their patients — and encouraging them to think of physical activity as their new medication.

In one such program run by a health center in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, primary care physicians, internists and psychologists prescribe access to a gym for $10 a month, including free child care, classes and kids programs. Providing affordable gym access for patients ensures compliance, said Gibbs Saunders of Healthworks Community Fitness, a nonprofit gym in Dorchester that has partnered with several health care providers to help low-income residents fill their exercise prescriptions.

Executives at the Whittier Street Health Center say low-cost access to a gym is important, since many residents’ income is low and 70 percent of those they treat suffer from chronic problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

Life expectancy in Roxbury is 59 years — well below the national average of 78.8 years.

“Exercise is not a new medicine. It’s really an old medicine,” said Johnson, who prescribes exercise to patients at the Roxbury-based health center. “But you know, I think we’re now coming to the point of understanding how important it is.”

Monisha Long, who is morbidly obese and suffers from hypertension, got a doctor’s prescription for exercise and says she’s gotten visible and dramatic results after more than two years of regular workouts.

“I lost well over 150 pounds, and I’ve been keeping it off for the past couple of years,” she said after working out on an elliptical machine at Healthworks.

And Long cites other, less-visible benefits.

“I’m more energized,” she said. “As far as my energy, I feel like I’m stronger. I feel like I’m less tired. I feel like I can do almost anything now.”

People who are physically active tend to live longer and are at lower risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention. Yet fewer than one in four American adults exercises enough to reap those benefits, the agency says.

Dr. Edward Phillips, a Boston physician, is so sold on exercise he pedals on a stationary bike that’s integrated into his office desk. Phillips said exercise is “like taking a little bit of Prozac — an antidepressant — and a little bit of Ritalin, which is a stimulant.”

“Our bodies are meant to move,” he said. “Integrating movement into our day allows the system to work optimally. Part of the system that needs to work is our brain, and includes sleep, mood, cognition, ability to concentrate.”

A prescription for exercise is a bargain, said Stephanie Dennis, who works out on a treadmill to stay fit.

“$10 a month is what? $2 a week, $2-$2.50 a week,” she said. “A lot of people pay that every day for coffee. It’s not a big sacrifice for something that you get big rewards from.”


Follow Rodrique Ngowi on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ngowi



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s physical activity basics: www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/basics/index.htm

Healthworks Community Fitness: www.healthworkscommunityfitness.org

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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antiaging 43325   Why Do We Age? Reasons for Aging Explained  Antiagingfruits.com hit blog and learn why we age

By Dr. Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP       https://antiagingfruits.com/2016/03/why-do-we-age/

antiagfruits.com explains why and how to slow down aging by 49%

Why do we age? This is the one question everyone wonders about but never gets an answer to. The whole Anti-Aging industry talks about everything else under the sun but avoids the question. “why do we age?” Why do they avoid it? They avoid it because they don’t know the answers. The problem is if one does not know the answer to that thorny question, a proposed treatment protocol for aging, while effective, leaves a lingering doubt in the minds of patients that something is not wholly right.

Patients may still buy a protocol, but we do not want any lingering doubts concerning anything having to do with the Anti-Aging subject. In fact the question “why do we age at all?” is so fundamentally basic that almost no patient even asks the question verbally. BUT, in their deeper mind that question lingers unanswered for as long as the patient is involved in Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation.

How do I know? In 2003 I gave a questionnaire to some 400 clients with 20 questions. They were asked out of these 20 questions which one would they like answered the most? 78% checked

Let us now look at some of the reasons we age.

  • Wear and tear theory.In this theory medical scientists agree that constant use of the human body wears out its vital parts and components. Did you know that 2.5 million red blood cells die every second and are instantly replaced by another 2.5 million new red blood cells every second. The human heart must pump 2000 gallons of blood a day. In a lifetime we will pump 2 million gallons of blood, enough to fill 2 super tankers. The heart must beat 100,000 times per day…that is 35 million beats per year and over 2.5 Billion beats in the average lifetime. So the extreme repetitive use of the body simply wears out all of its parts over time. This is without doubt one of the reasons the body ages, but not the only one….and not a reason that ca not be overcome by the correct Anti-Aging Protocol.
  • Genes vs. Lifestyles. According to this theory of aging, you’re biological clock is ticking away at a predetermined rate. This theory says that you’re genetic DNA holds the key to you’re planned rate of demise from day one. Basically this theory of aging says you’re genes determine everything about you including the exact age you will live to be. While there is a genetic component to aging, scientists have found that what you do with your environmental factors has a greater determination on how you will age and how long you will live.
  • Use it or lose it theory of aging. This is a very simple theory which says the body is in need of constant daily tune ups. So if you do not use you’re muscles they will atrophy and this is true. The less you use your muscles the less they will be in their peak prime condition. The less sexual activity you have the less well you’re sex organs will function and so on. In a way this theory is the opposite of the wear and tear theory of aging. Without question there is some merit to this theory. Scientists who believe in this theory even say we should allow ourselves to be exposed to germs so our immune system will get a work out and be in better shape for the long run. True enough but this theory alone does not fully explain aging even though it is a part of how we do age.
  • Short Telomere Theory of aging. This is one of the most important discoveries ever made to the way our bodies age and why.Inside the nucleus of our cells, genes are arranged along twisted double stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes. At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres, which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to regenerate and divide, and hold some great secrets to how we age.Telomeres have been compared with the plastic tips on shoe laces, because they keep chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to each other, which would destroy our genetic information. Here is the massive problem: Each time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter…when they get too short the cell cannot regenerate anymore and dies. The telomeres in cancer cells never shorten and thus make cancer immortal cells which divide forever unless we kill them with radiation and chemo.So what we are looking for as in the starfish which is immortal and has telomeres that never shorten is the same for humans…we want to figure out how to make it so that human cells telomeres do not shorten with each cell division. One substance we have found that makes telomeres longer is HGH (Human Growth Hormone.) We have also discovered that a key component in the Ashwagandha herb, makes telomeres longer. Without question this is a way to increase lifespan and foster better health. Both HGH and Ashwagandha work to make telomeres longer by creating the enzyme telomerase. Youthful blood levels of both Estrogen and Testosterone increase the length of telomeres by creating more telomerase. So much of what Anti-Aging protocols are doing actually eventuate in making more telomerase and thus longer telomeres. Here at AAI we find this extremely important and exciting as we are always researching daily how to find new methods of creating longer telomeres and thus longer, healthier life.

We are just scratching the surface in the expose of what makes humans age and how to reverse that process. Here at AAI. we will continue to make new information like this available to the public as well as keeping some important discoveries private and proprietary to Dr. Sosna and his clients only.

We are greatly encouraged that our longevity educational doctor; Dr. Larry Sosna has discovered several additional herbs from Russia which make the telomeres longer. Dr. Sosna is committed to finding enough telomere increasing substances from nature to keep all of our telomeres long enough to make a very serious contribution to increased lifespan and vigorous, perfected states of good health.

If you want to know more about how anti-aging therapies can work for you, don’t wait.


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antiaging 43325

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

It seems like everyone has heard about HGH Human Growth Hormone. But what is it? And is it

safe to take? HGH is 191 Amino Acids in an Exact Molecular Structure. It is NOT a Steroid! Given Correctly at the right dosage it is very Safe and Effective…

If I may be so bold as to talk to you just like we were friends and neighbors, I would be very


You see over 35 years ago, I was just about to die from a serious yet common virus

which normally just shows up on the lip as a sore. Well, that is just what happened AND for

some reason it jumped right on up through my nose, through my sinus and attacked my brain

and spinal cord. All I heard from the doctors was get ready young man, because it seems like

you’re time is up. But guess what? I sure got lucky and did not die like they all said I would. It

was really bad though. I spent 3 years in bed and another 2 years in a wheel chair until I got a

little bit better and one of my friends, also a doctor told me I should take HGH Human Growth

Hormone…and that I might get better. Well, that was the first good news anyone gave me in 5

whole years.

See, think about it like this. Growth Hormone is like a five star general. It’s very smart and just

like a five star general it can and does give orders and commands to everything in our whole

body. Amazing right! So let say you lived in the condo just down the hall on the same floor as

me and you would come and visit me so I would not get so lonely. Because that’s the kind of

friend you are, a real good and decent one.

You noticed each week I was getting a lot better suddenly, and when you came to visit you

wanted to know how in the world did I go from being flat on my back, to moving around and

even walking a bit. Naturally being a friend you had, and maybe still have lots of questions

about how in the world does Growth Hormone make a guy as bad off as me so much better

week after week.

Well, the research doctors explained it very simply by saying that HGH human growth hormone

or just plain GH growth hormone, being the 5 star general, gives orders to the cells in the body

to repair themselves. Growth Hormone can tell any cell at all…say a skin cell, or a nerve cell, or

a heart cell to repair and regenerate itself during deep restful sleep at night. In my situation I

needed lots of repair and regeneration to the nerve cells of my brain and spinal nerves.

It seemed as if I was the only person to survive this type of horrible viral damage to my brain

and spinal nerves they said maybe a few have lived but in a life long coma. So, please listen to

the next part of my journey… because it’s Super Amazing…They tell me that I am going to Italy

to be treated by a woman who won the Nobel Prize in 1985 exactly the time I needed her

because she discovered something very close to growth Hormone which I needed called Nerve

Growth Factor… which when we are in our mother’s womb…Grows all of the billions of Nerves

that become our BRAIN and spinal nerves. I was the first person on this planet to get shots of

nerve growth factor which Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for and guess what

happened next???

I made a discovery which made me a little famous within Nerve Scientists and Regenerative

Medicine Experts… few that existed back then. What you ask? I discovered that unless a person

with nerve damage or any other long term illness GETS very youthful blood levels of Growth

Hormone to activate the Nerve Growth Factor! Remember Growth Hormone is the Five Star

General, so I could feel the injections of Nerve Growth Factor not making me better… so I did

some basic arithmetic and decided I needed both Nerve growth Factor and Blood levels of

GROWTH HORMONE which would be normal for the average healthy 14 year old young adult.

In 12 months of doing the treatment this way, I went back to Italy 100% healed. No more wheel

chair. The new program had regenerated all of me and repaired all damaged nerves to my

brain and spine. I got better and in the process of needing to do maintenance each week and

each month throughout the years….I became an acknowledged expert in the field of Growth

Hormone Programs, Regeneration Therapies and all the Tissue Growth Factors of the body

starting with Nerve Growth Factor.

As you age, growth hormone declines dramatically. There are new studies that predict that for

every 18 years after age 18…Growth Hormone Declines by 50%. Thus, according to the University

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill….known for being the best at medical studies based on age and

by large groups of people by their age… called demographic medical research studies… We can

see that if you add 18 years to age 18 in just 3 times a person would go from age 18 to age 54

and we see in just 1 more cycle a person is then age 72  and if we go just 1 more cycle a

person becomes age 90… If we follow this very simple method, we see a virtually perfect

predictive model for all age related disease and illness. In this model, aging is an illness in and of

itself. WHY? Because there is simply not enough growth hormone available at or above age 50

to mobilize or put more simply, to turn on the specific nerve growth factor and all the other

tissue growth factors such as muscle growth factor, or skin growth factor, or liver and kidney

growth factor, BONE GROWTH FACTOR…which decline in tandem with growth hormone to be

able to do youthful levels of cell repair and regeneration and thus all the age related issues

including wrinkled skin seen on the face and age related illnesses debilitate folks in time. It is

horrible to see unnecessary Bone Lose and see little old men and women hunched way

over…unable to straighten back up.

So what can we do? We can give much more youthful blood levels of Growth Hormone by

injection, in fact by a very tiny needle so small most folks hardly if ever even feel it. I certainly

do not feel it and I have been giving myself Growth Hormone shots for 25 years.

What else can we do that very few other places can do? We can give our beloved family of

clients all of the specific Tissue Growth Factors including Nerve Growth Factor. We can get

our clients back to youthful levels of both HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE and ALL TISSUE

GROWTH FACTORS so as to be always consistent in producing cell repair and regeneration for

our client’s entire body and not just a few aspects of the body.

I am now age 63 as of Jan. 27 and I have the physiology of a 30 year old and often feel

younger than that.

Advantages to this protocol:

Better Eyesight vision… especially at Night

Increased Cardiac output (stronger more youthful heart muscle)

Enhanced Sex Drive

Loss of FAT around the waist

Increase in lean body muscle

Better metabolism

Much Faster Wound Healing

Hair and Nails Grow Longer Faster (Women Love it)

Improves Daily Energy

Increases Confidence

Emotional ability to Deal with Stress

Much Improved Sleep

Better Orgasms

According to Dr. Daniel Rudman, in New England Journal of Medicine….Age Reversal

And so much MORE

Many Blessings, Dr. Larry Sosna


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Dr Sosna Product

AntiAgingAprilBlogImageThe only HGH product world wide backed by 18 years of science that causes the Pituitary Gland to release YOUTHFUL LEVELS of Human Growth Hormone and then allows the Pituitary Gland to make more.

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Testosterone Benefits



Anti-Aging Answer for Men’s good health using Testosterone

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

Men are exclusively simple when it comes to a man’s critical hormones, which build a man up

and cause regeneration of muscles bones and some extremely crucial brain function. These all

lie in a man’s ability to make youthful blood levels of Testosterone. Always remember it is

testosterone that keeps all muscles in the body at their normal size and ability to function in a

youthful manner Testosterone keeps men vigorously healthy.

A man produces testosterone by the posterior pituitary’s release of LH which then triggers the

release of HCG which further instructs a man’s testicles to make testosterone. The other super

powerful regenerator of all cells tissues and organs is HGH human growth hormone. These two

hormones kept at youthful blood levels will stop a man from early stage Andropause. All

medical research scientists agree low testosterone is a main cause of male Andropause….The

inability for a man to make youthful blood levels of testosterone. Interesting that the virtually

all male board of American medicine the AMA does not recognize the validity of male


Andropause….. Ego and false pride changes nothing, when you can no longer make the 2 critical


male hormones at youthful blood levels, the reality is just like female menopause, men

change….and that change leads to old age and early death.

Testosterone is made in great abundance in young men age 13 to 30. Testosterone is the

combination on the molecular level of Cholesterol, the B vitamins and Oxygen.

However as we age past age 35 there is a large drop off in about 70% of male production of

testosterone according to the national Institute for Health (NHI) If this drop in production of

testosterone is too severe and happens too quickly, the heart being a muscle can quickly get too small and

not be able to meet cardiac blood stroke volume….the amount of blood needed by the entire

body per beat of your heart.

This can lead to a very sudden electrical storm within the heart

muscle causing severe arrhythmias’ followed by death according to the Harvard ten year

medical study on the human heart…. And we are not talking about a few men dying this way

per year, the CDC estimates nearly 170,000 men die each year caused by the above mentioned


All men can avoid the above described horror by taking swift action and getting a blood test

done to see what your testosterone levels are….forget about the reference range we look at

what is the OPTIMAL range for testosterone at youthful levels I keep mine at 800 to 950. Most

men over 45 will come in with blood levels of roughly 250 to 475, I and a team of scientist/doctors

consider that range to be dangerously low.

So if you have symptoms of :

  1. Low Energy, sudden fat built up around your waistline over the last 2 years, sleep
  2. Poor sleep
  3. Inability to concentrate
  4. Lower sex drive
  5. And irritability….you are looking at Low Testosterone
  6. If you have severe loss of testosterone you could lose hair, have muscle tears, and even

bone fractures…even if you are in your late 40’s and 50’s

Once we restore you to youthful levels of testosterone you will have these great




  1. Decrease in body fat
  2. Increased Muscle tone
  3. Stronger muscles and bones
  4. Improved mood
  5. Higher sex drive
  6. Improved sleep
  7. Enhanced sense of well being
  8. A stronger healthier heart
  9. Increased stamina for work, play, and exercise
  10. Greater Stamina


Several other important factors for men is to keep certain foods very high in your diet:


  1. Pumpkin seeds, have a very high amount of Zinc which prevents prostate cancer and is a good

source of fiber

  1. A zinc nutraceutical supplement is a must starting when a man is 25 years old
  2. Almonds just 10 per day have for 50 years been associated with prevention of cancer of the Lymph

glands in men.

  1. Acetyl- L Carnitine is found in very lean meat, try hard to eat organic meat from Whole foods.
  2. If you use milk every morning with cereal please buy organic milk free of pesticides as regular milk

has enormous concentrations of Estrogen like substances in it which can make a man of young age

need testosterone…I have had several patients that were 27 and 28 years old that had testosterone

levels of a 70 year old due to the fact that they drank large amounts of regular milk daily.

Men doing these above recommendations will help the massive positive effects of testosterone and

good health for men.


Hormonal determinants of the severity of andropausal and depressive symptoms in middle-aged and elderly men with prediabetes.


Rabijewski M, Papierska L, Kuczerowski R, Piątkiewicz P.


Clin Interv Aging. 2015 Aug 20;10:1381-91. doi: 10.2147/CIA.S88499. eCollection 2015.


Erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and low sexual frequency increase the risk of cardiovascular


disease in men with low testosterone.


Ho CH, Wu CC, Chen KC, Jaw FS, Yu HJ, Liu SP.


Aging Male. 2016 Jan 11:1-6. [Epub ahead of print]






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Hormonal determinants of erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms in middle-aged


and elderly men with prediabetes.


Rabijewski M, Papierska L, Kuczerowski R, Piątkiewicz P.


Aging Male. 2015 Dec;18(4):256-64. doi: 10.3109/13685538.2015.1083972. Epub 2015 Oct 7.






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Interventions for sexual dysfunction in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease




Levack WM, Poot B, Weatherall M, Travers J.


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Is there a relationship between the severity of erectile dysfunction and the comorbidity profile


in menwith late onset hypogonadism?


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Risks associated with low Human Growth Hormone for Men and Women

                                          Dr. Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP


Men and women who suffer from low human growth hormone (HGH) can have extremely severe symptoms.

Please understand that the pituitary gland is called the master gland of the entire Endocrine System…that essentially means the pituitary is responsible one way or another for how all the hormones are produced and how they function.

The human body has a communication system called homeostasis which is designed to keep all structures and functions within the human body at a so called normal range. Average normal temperature is 98.6 and blood pressure is well functioning at 120/80. There is according to the laws of homeostasis a normal for virtually everything in the human body.

There is a key involved in all this homeostasis. Obviously my toe is not as important as my heart or brain so in moments of stress ones tow may forego for a few minutes some blood flow while the heart is instructed to beat somewhere between 60 and 98 beats per min.

The key most important key in homeostasis is called the Adrenal, Hypothalamic, Pituitary Axis.

Many scientists will argue this is the control panel for the entire human body just the way an advanced jet plane has a sophisticated control panel and if it does not work correctly we might not safely get back to the ground.

Think of all this as you’re potential for superb excellent health as scientists have learned much about helping out the human control panel to work and function in a greatly improved manner.

Conversely, if the anterior pituitary is not making enough (HGH) human growth hormone a massive aspect of the human control panel is malfunctioning.

We know this by a set of symptoms and by seeing a blood count of IGF-1 too low.

Sometimes, symptoms are very pronounced but IGF-1 levels seem ok….Research doctors in the field virtually always agree that vast symptoms trump a number on a test.

HGH is so important it takes up one half of the entire pituitary gland and in that half the anterior section HGH and only HGH is made. Established high level of Importance.


Proper levels of HGH allow for all cell repair and regeneration.

It does this by activating and instructing each type of tissue like heart tissue

Or lung tissue or skin tissue to find the tissue growth factor in each type of tissue

And HGH tells all of those super important tissue growth factors to get ready and gear up to repair and regenerate.

When we get older HGH falls and once it falls too low and that can even happen to a 35 year old

If they have had way too much stress and illness in life.

So it is a great THREAT to the body not to able to complete tissue repair and regeneration.

In time scientists know that can lead to smaller organs and age related diseases of all kinds.


There are special symptoms and threats from Low HGH that apply to Women:

Women are very special in that they can carry on and bring forth new children. To be capable of doing such a daunting task nature gave women under her skin 2 layers of fat tissue. Fat is a living tissue. Nature gave women this extra layer that men do not have to preserve our species the human family…for in times when food is scarce and a woman is with child she may have to give up the entire second layer which surrounds the entire body just to give the baby a chance of living.

When women become low in HGH they are usually at an age when their other hormones are getting too low as well. Low HGH in women causes the second layer of fat to thicken and that is not good for the cardiovascular system, blood pressure and can even start the beginning of what is known as fatty liver disease.

Unfortunately, women lose progesterone 12 years before she starts to lose estrogen. A women losing both progesterone, and is say 40 and also losing estrogen is in all likelihood low in HGH and when proven so she is at much greater risk from cardiac issues then a man.

After menopause it has been well documented that women are at a higher rate for both heart attacks and strokes, one of the reasons why is low HGH which is highly protective of the heart and brain when HGH is optimized to more youthful levels by the addition of HGH therapy. One can avail themselves of much greater cardiovascular protection.

It may sound like a small thing but low HGH in women can be responsible for thinning hair, dry hair and dry skin. Also with low HGH women cannot grow longer nails….again to most women that is not a joke or a small matter.

Originally women in the course of life made a bit more HGH from their pituitary gland but even perimenopause will create a homeostatic signal to make less HGH and thus women start to lose collagen and elastin so needed for healthy arteries as well as joint function.

Another aspect, is when women have low HGH, there is a decline in L-Dopamine. This neurotransmitter is vital for the pleasure response, including the ability to enjoy sexual activity. Why? Because L-Dopamine levels need to be high enough to make Oxytocin, which most definitely is needed for mood elevation and sexual desire.

Low HGH in women means they are subject to early bone loss as it is HGH that creates new bone cells, osteoporosis is a terrible burden, it is very painful and once it starts the only thing that can change it course fully is to restore HGH levels, back to a more youthful level. When it is has gone too far and HGH has been too low for too long that is when women get that hump curved shape to the upper spine. Women this is 100% avoidable with restored youthful levels of HGH but one must start at the correct time.

Women, who start just before perimenopause say at age 36, are so different looking than their counterparts who have not done this. They have wonderful muscle tonality, their skin looks youthful, and there is an undefinable ineffable golden glow that shows in their face…after all these years I can almost always spot women who took action and availed herself of HGH before premature aging.

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Are we on the Verge of Curing Cancer?


                         Are We on the Verge of Curing Cancer?

I have always viewed cancer as a radical illness that needs a wide range of different kinds of treatments. This excellent article featured on CNN is just what I have been talking about using Immune-Therapy from your own body to kill off cancer tumors before they overwhelm the body.       Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP


Source: CNN

Fighting cancer by targeting its ‘Achilles’ heel’ 01:51

Story highlights

  • Scientists have discovered possible new ways to attack core mutations in a patient’s cancer cells
  • There are several limitations, including cost and the speed at which treatments could be developed

(CNN)A new breakthrough in cancer research could lead to a novel form of cancer treatment — one that is highly specialized for each patient.

Researchers discovered that even though cancer cells mutate wildly within a person’s body, the cancer cells within each patient also have common mutations — ones that could be isolated and fought off by certain immune cells.

Think of it this way: A patient’s cancer cells all start off with the same tree trunk, but then grow different kinds of branches. The new research shows certain immune cells can “chop the tree at the trunk rather than just pruning the branches,” Dr. Sergio Quezada told CNN.

WHO urges cancer prevention 02:42

Quezada, from the University College London’s Cancer Institute, co-authored the study, which was published Thursday by Science magazine.

For years, one of the biggest obstacles in fighting cancer has been the fact that a tumor’s cancer cells are not all the same.

“The tumor is an evolving mass. Mutations change here and there. Mutations in one area of the tumor are usually different from mutations in other parts of the tumors,” Quezada said.

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In a statement to Cancer Research UK, he likened the fight against cancer to police chasing a wide array of criminals.

“The body’s immune system acts as the police trying to tackle cancer, the criminals. Genetically diverse tumours are like a gang of hoodlums involved in different crimes — from robbery to smuggling. And the immune system struggles to keep on top of the cancer — just as it’s difficult for police when there’s so much going on,” he said.

“Our research shows that instead of aimlessly chasing crimes in different neighborhoods, we can give the police the information they need to get to the kingpin at the root of all organized crime — or the weak spot in a patient’s tumor — to wipe out the problem for good.”

What this means for treatment

Quezada told CNN this discovery could lead to two kinds of treatment:

1) Making customized vaccines to target the core mutations in each patient.

2) Identifying which immune cells, or T-cells, can fight off those core mutations, then multiplying those T-cells in a lab.

Quezada said the customized vaccines would be “the ultimate personalized form of therapy.”

Billionaire behind Cancer Moonshot 2020 02:49

“This would mean basically taking a cancer tumor, finding the trunk, and then designing a vaccine (to) inject in the patent,” he said.

“The second approach is to ‘fish’ these cells — T-cells — that recognize the trunk, expand them outside the patient” and inject them in the body.

Quezada said no human trials have started using either approach in light of the study, but said he hopes trials will begin within five years.

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The limitations

But the discovery doesn’t mean all cancer patients will be cured soon. The potential for new treatment also has several limitations.

First is “the speed at which you can generate personalized therapy,” Quezada said. “Some cancers go really fast.”

Pharmaceutical CEO speaks about $1 cancer drug 03:32

Developing a customized vaccine, for example, could take more time than a cancer patient has.

Second, it would be expensive. Quezada said he doesn’t have an estimate on how much either type of treatment would cost, but given the highly customized nature of each, it could be extremely expensive.

“That’s going to be an important point of this discussion,” he said.

Finally, such treatments would likely work better for some types of cancer than others. Quezada said he believes lung cancer and melanoma would be the most likely to respond well to such treatment.

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A massive collaboration

A team of 36 international researchers worked on the study, which included scientists from the London, the United States, Denmark and Germany. The study was funded by Cancer Research UK and the Rosetrees Trust.

“It’s the most amazing collaboration I’ve ever worked on, Quezada said. “It’s been an amazing roller coaster.”

The next roller coaster will be determining when patients could receive the treatments — and learning how well they might work.

CNN’s Dominique Heckels contributed to this report.



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