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The Pasteur Institute in France, which is the most advanced Laboratory in the world has found the following multiple keys to great health from M-1 which took me 33 years to make and contains over 2000 Organic Biochemical compounds from hundreds of organic plants growing wild from around the world…Many of my patients say they can’t live without it and that it has made them 20 years younger in just 12 months time. This is due to the fact that TELOMERS are kept 46% longer the length of Telomeres determines your physical age and adds significantly to longevity!!!!  

Used as a pain reliever – The center of the human nervous system has the opiate receptors in the brain significantly Stimulated. When M-1 gets there, it stimulates the secretion of endorphins and L-Dopamine into the body which acts on the body’s pain receptors reducing the pain. The alkaloids that are present in M-1 has the same potential of pain relieve as morphine but with an added advantage since M-1 is not addictive. Therefore, patients with conditions like a chronic backache, joint pain, Severe Headaches and osteomalaci….Just like the Alkaloids in Coffee wake you up the Alkaloids in M-1 Stimulate more then coffee but also keep you feeling at ease getting rid of Anxiety and Depression better then any Drug with NO HARMFUL SISE EFFECTS….. among other conditions will greatly benefit from pain relieving property of my M-1 and the Pasteur Institute has found M-1 to be as pain relieving as Morphine with no addiction at all. They have also confirmed my findings that M-1 increases the length of Telomeres which are responsible for being youthful and can cause a person to live an extra 20 to 30 years if taken for life.Provides relief from anxiety and

frustrations – M-1 has proved to be effective in building social alertness making users be talkative, free and happy especially when M-1 is used in small doses. This will enable the user to be lively throughout their day to day activities and hence avoid issues that entail frustrations and feelings of anxiety.

Helps patients with depression – If you’re at risk or suffer from depression then M-1 can play a major role in helping you get back on track. Since M-1 is a psychostimulant, when it’s inside the body, it stimulates the release serotonin and endorphins which helps in soothing the nerves and calming the body down boosting your moods. The M-1 makes you feel good and grateful for being alive. Its effect, however, depends on the Dosage and the fact that my M-1 is 100% Pure.

Enhances sleep – M-1 helps you sleep faster and deeper and will, therefore, help you to be more alert during the day. So, if you have feelings of insomnia, parasomnia, and night terrors, My M-1 will indeed have a huge impact in regulating your sleep-wake cycles and stop bad dreams.

Boosts energy levels – When M-1 gets into the body system, it activates the opioid receptors in our brains. The activation induces our will to get things done especially when used in low doses. One becomes more alert hence heightened mental activity and physical energy that boosts our energy to work without feeling tired. This also enables one to be keener and motivated through the release of serotonin and dopamine. It also enhances better memory.

Helps in weight loss – Most weight issues like obesity are as a result of eating a high amount of processed sugar. You see, when one is under stress, he/she will find relief with a supply of high amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. This is because the sugar will secrete a hormone called dopamine, a feel-good hormone that helps in reducing stress. When one uses M-1 it will enhance your mood and hence helps you in managing stress and hence you’ll avoid unhealthy foodstuffs. It also helps to control satiety in the hypothalamus area of the brain to cause the amount of appetite to be lower hence reducing the input of weight enhancing foods.

  1. Helps in inflammations – M-1 has been found to promote healing and reducing swelling or pain where there are inflammations. It has an active alkaloid element which helps to achieve this, and can, therefore, help in healing osteoporosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis conditions.
  2. It prevents diarrhea – All the activities in the gastrointestinal tract are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus, M-1 combats diarrhea by regulating these nerves and also by slowing down peristalsis. This healing property is highly beneficial and can act as a good solution when treating conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  3. Combats fatigue – As earlier mentioned, users of M-1 especially those in Malaysia, where I did a controlled Clinical Trial found M-1  highly efficient in helping them work for long hours without fatigue. Just 7 of its main organic Compounds use for this purpose dates back in the millennia. M-1 increases one’s work delivery by promoting blood circulation improving oxygen levels in the blood which boost metabolic processes building energy that can last for hours.
  4. M-1 is good for the heart – M-1 contains chemical components that provide better functioning of the hormones, arteries and blood vessels. It also lowers the tension in the cardiovascular system preventing heart disease like strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks. TERPENES, which are found in abundance in M-1prevent cell mutation and thus prevent Cancer and they stop the formation of Plaque in the brain thus preventing both strokes and prevents Alzheimer’s…..
  5. Heightens sex drive – M-1 is used in treating common sexual disorders like low libido in both men and women, and erectile dysfunction in men.

M-1 is only sold my small Lab by contacting me directly at [email protected] I accept all Credit Cards and Debit but no pay pal…We also accept checks and Money Orders.

Finally, M-1 causes the Pituitary Gland to make 1/3 more Human Growth Hormone which speeds up recovery from all injuries because HGH is responsible for Regeneration and Cell Repair of every cell, Tissue and Organ in the Human body… Higher HGH is also known to slow down the aging process significantly!

Stewart Cole (Director). Website, www.pasteur.fr. Medical Center of Institut Pasteur, Paris

Antoine TRILLER, Head of Research at Inserm and Director of the École Normale Supérieure Institute of Biology.

Joe McDade, deputy director of the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Disease.

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