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The Pasteur Institute in France, which is the most advanced Laboratory in the world has found the following multiple keys to great health from M-1 which took me 33 years to make and contains over 2000 Organic Biochemical compounds from hundreds of organic plants growing wild from around the world…Many of my patients say they can’t live without it and that it has made them 20 years younger in just 12 months time. This is due to the fact that TELOMERS are kept 46% longer the length of Telomeres determines your physical age and adds significantly to longevity!!!!  

Used as a pain reliever – The center of the human nervous system has the opiate receptors in the brain significantly Stimulated. When M-1 gets there, it stimulates the secretion of endorphins and L-Dopamine into the body which acts on the body’s pain receptors reducing the pain. The alkaloids that are present in M-1 has the same potential of pain relieve as morphine but with an added advantage since M-1 is not addictive. Therefore, patients with conditions like a chronic backache, joint pain, Severe Headaches and osteomalaci….Just like the Alkaloids in Coffee wake you up the Alkaloids in M-1 Stimulate more then coffee but also keep you feeling at ease getting rid of Anxiety and Depression better then any Drug with NO HARMFUL SISE EFFECTS….. among other conditions will greatly benefit from pain relieving property of my M-1 and the Pasteur Institute has found M-1 to be as pain relieving as Morphine with no addiction at all. They have also confirmed my findings that M-1 increases the length of Telomeres which are responsible for being youthful and can cause a person to live an extra 20 to 30 years if taken for life.Provides relief from anxiety and

frustrations – M-1 has proved to be effective in building social alertness making users be talkative, free and happy especially when M-1 is used in small doses. This will enable the user to be lively throughout their day to day activities and hence avoid issues that entail frustrations and feelings of anxiety.

Helps patients with depression – If you’re at risk or suffer from depression then M-1 can play a major role in helping you get back on track. Since M-1 is a psychostimulant, when it’s inside the body, it stimulates the release serotonin and endorphins which helps in soothing the nerves and calming the body down boosting your moods. The M-1 makes you feel good and grateful for being alive. Its effect, however, depends on the Dosage and the fact that my M-1 is 100% Pure.

Enhances sleep – M-1 helps you sleep faster and deeper and will, therefore, help you to be more alert during the day. So, if you have feelings of insomnia, parasomnia, and night terrors, My M-1 will indeed have a huge impact in regulating your sleep-wake cycles and stop bad dreams.

Boosts energy levels – When M-1 gets into the body system, it activates the opioid receptors in our brains. The activation induces our will to get things done especially when used in low doses. One becomes more alert hence heightened mental activity and physical energy that boosts our energy to work without feeling tired. This also enables one to be keener and motivated through the release of serotonin and dopamine. It also enhances better memory.

Helps in weight loss – Most weight issues like obesity are as a result of eating a high amount of processed sugar. You see, when one is under stress, he/she will find relief with a supply of high amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. This is because the sugar will secrete a hormone called dopamine, a feel-good hormone that helps in reducing stress. When one uses M-1 it will enhance your mood and hence helps you in managing stress and hence you’ll avoid unhealthy foodstuffs. It also helps to control satiety in the hypothalamus area of the brain to cause the amount of appetite to be lower hence reducing the input of weight enhancing foods.

  1. Helps in inflammations – M-1 has been found to promote healing and reducing swelling or pain where there are inflammations. It has an active alkaloid element which helps to achieve this, and can, therefore, help in healing osteoporosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis conditions.
  2. It prevents diarrhea – All the activities in the gastrointestinal tract are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus, M-1 combats diarrhea by regulating these nerves and also by slowing down peristalsis. This healing property is highly beneficial and can act as a good solution when treating conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  3. Combats fatigue – As earlier mentioned, users of M-1 especially those in Malaysia, where I did a controlled Clinical Trial found M-1  highly efficient in helping them work for long hours without fatigue. Just 7 of its main organic Compounds use for this purpose dates back in the millennia. M-1 increases one’s work delivery by promoting blood circulation improving oxygen levels in the blood which boost metabolic processes building energy that can last for hours.
  4. M-1 is good for the heart – M-1 contains chemical components that provide better functioning of the hormones, arteries and blood vessels. It also lowers the tension in the cardiovascular system preventing heart disease like strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks. TERPENES, which are found in abundance in M-1prevent cell mutation and thus prevent Cancer and they stop the formation of Plaque in the brain thus preventing both strokes and prevents Alzheimer’s…..
  5. Heightens sex drive – M-1 is used in treating common sexual disorders like low libido in both men and women, and erectile dysfunction in men.

M-1 is only sold my small Lab by contacting me directly at [email protected] I accept all Credit Cards and Debit but no pay pal…We also accept checks and Money Orders.

Finally, M-1 causes the Pituitary Gland to make 1/3 more Human Growth Hormone which speeds up recovery from all injuries because HGH is responsible for Regeneration and Cell Repair of every cell, Tissue and Organ in the Human body… Higher HGH is also known to slow down the aging process significantly!

Stewart Cole (Director). Website, www.pasteur.fr. Medical Center of Institut Pasteur, Paris

Antoine TRILLER, Head of Research at Inserm and Director of the École Normale Supérieure Institute of Biology.

Joe McDade, deputy director of the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Disease.

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                                                             AGELESS PETS

The Moment is now, it is your moment… for the first time we have the natural organic
biochemistry to allow your dogs and cats live much longer then ever. They no longer have to be plagued with age related degenerative decrepitude. It is a new great time.
Why? Thirty seven years ago I started researching how to make my beloved dog live longer.






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Revolutionary Method of Curing Cancer

A Billionaire Just Donated $250 Million To Form A Revolutionary Cancer-Fighting Team Of Scientists

April 16, 2016 | by Robin Andrews

A Billionaire Just Donated $250 Million To Form A Revolutionary Cancer-Fighting Team Of Scientists


 Medical science is on a constant quest to understand cancer, and ultimately destroy it. Certainly, there have been some incredible advances in the last decade or so. We are now able to use nanosized “Trojan horses” to erode leukemia cells from within. We can get certain types of cancerous cells to turn on and kill each other. We can even use microscopic backpacks made of algae to deliver targeted chemotherapy treatment to tumors.

However, all this requires constant funding, constant scientific dedication, and the right kind of equipment. Venture capitalist Sean Parker, known by most as the founder of Napster and a co-founder of Facebook, clearly recognizes this: According to the Washington Post, he is backing a $250 million effort drive to attract hundreds of scientists, many of which are often in direct competition with each other, to join forces and focus their efforts on killing cancer.

These proverbial Avengers of the scientific world already number as many as 300, working at 40 laboratories in six world-class institutions: Stanford, the University of California (Los Angeles and California campuses), the University of Pennsylvania, the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This hero’s roster is particularly impressive considering the plan was formally announced just this week.

The initiative is designed to focus on immunotherapy. Unlike chemotherapy methods designed to use drugs or instrumentation to physically destroy tumorous tissue, this relatively new scientific field hopes to kick-start the body’s own immune system to take up arms against cancer cells.

“Cancer immunotherapy is such an incredibly complex field, and for every answer it seems to pose 10 more questions,” said Parker, as reported by the Washington Post. “I’m an entrepreneur so I wish some of these questions had been answered yesterday.”

Cancer kills millions of people every single year, so scientists are trying every possible method to reduce these numbers. Sebastian Kaulitzki/Shutterstock

Parker sees this new agglomeration of scientists fighting cancer as a way to remove the bureaucracy and red tape present in so many institutions. Although the researchers will spend most of their time at their own institutions, they will have access to every piece of data, equipment and funding being provided by the nonprofit Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, based in San Francisco.

To oversee the scientific progress of the initiative, one member from each university will sit on a committee and deliberate what the best course of action is. Every piece of new research that the initiative produces will be able to be provided and even licensed to interested industries, but the intellectual property will remain with the original scientists.

The institute will be headed by Jeff Bluestone, the former provost of the University of California, San Francisco, and an immunologist. In addition, he is one of 28 members of a panel personally selected by U.S. Vice President Biden as part of his National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, a $1 billion drive to accelerate cancer research.

Biden’s drive and Parker’s are similar: apart from wanting to help the human race on a purely altruistic basis, they’ve both had people close to them die as a result of cancer. Only time will tell if this massive collaboration will produce results after than individual institutions, but it’s certainly got everything going for it.

This is the method used to cure President Jimmy Carter from brain cancer.

Dr. Larry Sosna

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Sugar addiction ‘should be treated as a form of drug abuse’

Sugar addiction ‘should be treated as a form of drug abuse’


Withdrawal from chronic sugar consumption would be similar to going ‘cold turkey’ from drugs, say Australian scientists

Chronic exposure to sucrose can cause eating disorders and change the behaviour of individuals FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP/Getty Images

It is widely thought to affect the brain in a similar way to cocaine, and now a new study has suggested people addicted to sugar should be treated in the same way as other drug abusers.

According to researchers from Queensland University ofTechnology (QUT), excessive sugar consumption increases the dopamine levels in a similar way to other drugs such as cocaine.

The study found that long-term consumption of sugar will eventually cause a reduction in dopamine levels. That means, they say, people need to consume higher and higher levels of sugar in order;to reach the same reward levels and avoid mild states of depression.

The researchers also found in a separate study that chronic exposure to sucrose can cause eating disorders and change the behaviour of individuals.

Professor Selena Bartlett, a neuroscientist from the university’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, says the research indicates that drugs used to treat nicotine addiction could be used to treat addiction to sugar.


  •  “Excess sugar consumption has been proven to contribute directly to weight gain,” she said. It has also been shown to repeatedly elevate dopamine levels which control the brain’s reward and pleas pleasure centers in a way that is similar to many drugs of abuse including tobacco, cocaine
  • cocaine and morphine.

“We have also found that as well as an increased risk of weight gain, animals that maintain high sugar consumption and binge eating into adulthood may also face neurological and psychiatric consequences affecting mood and motivation.”

The amounts of sugar in food and drink

Professor Bartlett added: “Our study found that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs like varenicline, a prescription medication trading as Champix which treats nicotine addiction, can work the same way when it comes to sugar cravings.”

“Like other drugs of abuse, withdrawal from chronic sucrose exposure can result in an imbalance in dopamine levels and be as difficult as going ‘cold turkey’ from them.”

The findings are at odds to previous research such as a 2014 Edinburgh University study which stated sugar addiction was not a biochemical dependency but a psychological one similar to gambling.

Scientists, writing in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, said they could find no evidence that people could become addicted to substances in foods.

Dr John Menzies, research fellow in Edinburgh University’s centre for integrative physiology, told the BBC: “People try to find rational explanations for being over-weight and it is easy to blame food.

“More avenues for treatment may open up if we think about this condition as a behavioural addiction rather than a substance-based addiction.”

However, in 2015, Dr James DiNicolantonio published a review into the dangers of sugar, telling told Here & Now: “When you look at animal studies comparing sugar to cocaine, even when you get the rats hooked on IV cocaine, once you introduce sugar, almost all of them switch to the sugar.”

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 Dr. Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

When we look at the delicious fruits below must be with the understanding that they contain life saving antioxidants. Remember when your parents used to say “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” The reason behind such wisdom is they contained centuries of applied truth to them.

Apples contain an almost perfect set of natural organic biochemistry leading to excellent health. Here are a few other foods which give life sustaining benefits to us all. Taken together these stellar 6 foods will have an anti-aging effect and lead to perfected states of good health.


Reduces bacterial and viral activity in the body significantly within 15 minutes of use, according to the Pasture Institute in France. Wild Medical Grade Oregano can only be found in abundance in the Mediterranean part of Turkey. All the other countries that onced had this high quality Wild Oregano…picked the plants to extinction centuries ago.

The old wise Medicine men and women in the cultures of Italy, Greece and Turkey realized thousands of years ago, that of all the plants, only the Wild Oregano plants leafs never blighted or became dried shrivelled up remnants….They always stayed a rich beautiful green leaf which led the medical thinkers thousands of years ago to conclude… rightly so, the substance inside the Wild Oregano leafs must be able to fight off everything in nature that kills all the other green leaves from all other plants. In ancient times the Emperors of China paid more for Wild Medical Grade Oregano oil per ounce, then for an ounce of gold.

Medical Grade, Wild Oregano oil has 29 broad spectrum antivirals, over 300 anti-bacterials…even stronger then Vancomycin yet very compatible with the friendly immune enhancing bacteria of the gut. How you say? Because, our human ancestors ate Wild Oregano millions of years ago to make food taste better, long before fire and cooking food became available. Thus, over such a long period of time, humans developed a synergistic relationship with Wild Oregano due to evolution. We simply evolved, over vast periods of time to have Wild Medical Grade Oregano become a life saving medicine with virtually no bad side effects for human beings. It is also anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and is over 100 times stronger an anti-inflammatory agent than cortisone or prednisone both of which can have lethal side effects if taken for too many years.


Cloves are very rich in a naturally occurring substance called Eugenol. Eugenol has been proven to fight against the horrific effects of thousands of environmental poisons. It also is excellent at reducing inflammation. Many research studies show cloves highly concentrated into a liquid or oil can kill cancer of the colon type cells. it triggers a natural programmed death of these type of cancer cells. While not inexpensive it is a better mosquito repellent then anything else, including the toxic Deet people use on their skin to prevent mosquito bites. One only has to have a toothache to know nothing gets rid of oral pain better then 100% pure oil of clove.


Rosemary, a relative of mint, is used to stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, increase circulation, boost memory and act as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Studies show it can reduce depression and help mood, while improving type 1 diabetes. It can even prevent weight gain from a high fat diet…. please do not eat a high fat diet as it is extremely bad for the body as a whole. In a new study Rosemary showed it can protect the eyes against age related macular-degeneration.

Cinnamon Balances Blood Sugar   

Cinnamon normalizes blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics by improving the body’s ability to respond to insulin. It works by slowing the rate at which the stomach empties after eating. In one study a group of people adding 6 grams of cinnamon to their diet daily(about 2 level teaspoons) reduced blood sugar by a amazing 29% The red to rusty color in cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from damage caused by cellular mutation. Cell mutation is known to cause many diseases including cancers so eat plenty of cinnamon.

Garlic.. According to medical research done at Penn State University, Garlic, can decrease the risk of having a heart attack by 38% it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with potent anti-bacterial qualities.  Studies from the University of Tokyo suggest aged garlic can even reverse coronary blocked arteries. Best of all aged garlic leaves no bad odor on your breath. Best dose to reverse clogged arteries or prevent this from occurring is 1000 to 7200 mg per day.

Cold Water Fish Oil is one of the most powerfully healing natural bio-organic substances known to medical science as well as naturopathic medicine. I have personally worked with groups of people who’s both parents died of blocked arteries in their very early 40’s. None of the over 306 people who had such parents have ever had blocked artery troubles once I placed them on cold water fish oil in the proper dosage.

Consider a point of fact even much more dramatic yet scientifically true…. of the 5 million Inuit and Eskimos who eat seal blubber and whale blubber and who have cholesterol counts over 2000 thousand…NONE has ever died of a heart attack in the last 60 years medical scientists have studied this group. WHY? Because they also eat cold water salmon fished through an ice hole. COLD WATER FISH OIL is like an organic natural Teflon, which coats the artery linings thus stopping cholesterol from aggregating along the artery walls. The Omega 3 fatty acids are so powerful a high density lipid, they can virtually melt hard fats like cholesterol from sticking to each other. Imagine how shocked the scientists have been and still are today to have never upon autopsy of this ethnic group ever found even one case of clogged arteries of the heart.

There are 2 types of Omega HDL’s from cold water fish DHA or Docosahexaenoic Acid and EPA or Eicosapentaenoic Acid. These are essential fatty acids which means you cannot live without including them in your diet. Many folks who feel ill actually feel sick because they get almost no essential fatty acids in their diet on a daily basis. The fish oil you buy in the stores have been looked at extensively by scientists and found 98.3% of them are already rancid oils which can cause mutation damage to your DNA. Thus if you want ISO certified fish oil and there are only 5 Labs in the USA that have ISO certification please call me at 760-481-8800 where an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.













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More doctors are prescribing exercise instead of medication

March 15
BOSTON — When Dr. Michelle Johnson scribbles out prescriptions, the next stop for many of her patients is the gym, not the pharmacy.

Doctors treating chronic health problems increasingly are prescribing exercise for their patients — and encouraging them to think of physical activity as their new medication.

In one such program run by a health center in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, primary care physicians, internists and psychologists prescribe access to a gym for $10 a month, including free child care, classes and kids programs. Providing affordable gym access for patients ensures compliance, said Gibbs Saunders of Healthworks Community Fitness, a nonprofit gym in Dorchester that has partnered with several health care providers to help low-income residents fill their exercise prescriptions.

Executives at the Whittier Street Health Center say low-cost access to a gym is important, since many residents’ income is low and 70 percent of those they treat suffer from chronic problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

Life expectancy in Roxbury is 59 years — well below the national average of 78.8 years.

“Exercise is not a new medicine. It’s really an old medicine,” said Johnson, who prescribes exercise to patients at the Roxbury-based health center. “But you know, I think we’re now coming to the point of understanding how important it is.”

Monisha Long, who is morbidly obese and suffers from hypertension, got a doctor’s prescription for exercise and says she’s gotten visible and dramatic results after more than two years of regular workouts.

“I lost well over 150 pounds, and I’ve been keeping it off for the past couple of years,” she said after working out on an elliptical machine at Healthworks.

And Long cites other, less-visible benefits.

“I’m more energized,” she said. “As far as my energy, I feel like I’m stronger. I feel like I’m less tired. I feel like I can do almost anything now.”

People who are physically active tend to live longer and are at lower risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention. Yet fewer than one in four American adults exercises enough to reap those benefits, the agency says.

Dr. Edward Phillips, a Boston physician, is so sold on exercise he pedals on a stationary bike that’s integrated into his office desk. Phillips said exercise is “like taking a little bit of Prozac — an antidepressant — and a little bit of Ritalin, which is a stimulant.”

“Our bodies are meant to move,” he said. “Integrating movement into our day allows the system to work optimally. Part of the system that needs to work is our brain, and includes sleep, mood, cognition, ability to concentrate.”

A prescription for exercise is a bargain, said Stephanie Dennis, who works out on a treadmill to stay fit.

“$10 a month is what? $2 a week, $2-$2.50 a week,” she said. “A lot of people pay that every day for coffee. It’s not a big sacrifice for something that you get big rewards from.”


Follow Rodrique Ngowi on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ngowi



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s physical activity basics: www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/basics/index.htm

Healthworks Community Fitness: www.healthworkscommunityfitness.org

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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antiaging 43325   Why Do We Age? Reasons for Aging Explained  Antiagingfruits.com hit blog and learn why we age

By Dr. Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP       https://antiagingfruits.com/2016/03/why-do-we-age/

antiagfruits.com explains why and how to slow down aging by 49%

Why do we age? This is the one question everyone wonders about but never gets an answer to. The whole Anti-Aging industry talks about everything else under the sun but avoids the question. “why do we age?” Why do they avoid it? They avoid it because they don’t know the answers. The problem is if one does not know the answer to that thorny question, a proposed treatment protocol for aging, while effective, leaves a lingering doubt in the minds of patients that something is not wholly right.

Patients may still buy a protocol, but we do not want any lingering doubts concerning anything having to do with the Anti-Aging subject. In fact the question “why do we age at all?” is so fundamentally basic that almost no patient even asks the question verbally. BUT, in their deeper mind that question lingers unanswered for as long as the patient is involved in Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation.

How do I know? In 2003 I gave a questionnaire to some 400 clients with 20 questions. They were asked out of these 20 questions which one would they like answered the most? 78% checked

Let us now look at some of the reasons we age.

  • Wear and tear theory.In this theory medical scientists agree that constant use of the human body wears out its vital parts and components. Did you know that 2.5 million red blood cells die every second and are instantly replaced by another 2.5 million new red blood cells every second. The human heart must pump 2000 gallons of blood a day. In a lifetime we will pump 2 million gallons of blood, enough to fill 2 super tankers. The heart must beat 100,000 times per day…that is 35 million beats per year and over 2.5 Billion beats in the average lifetime. So the extreme repetitive use of the body simply wears out all of its parts over time. This is without doubt one of the reasons the body ages, but not the only one….and not a reason that ca not be overcome by the correct Anti-Aging Protocol.
  • Genes vs. Lifestyles. According to this theory of aging, you’re biological clock is ticking away at a predetermined rate. This theory says that you’re genetic DNA holds the key to you’re planned rate of demise from day one. Basically this theory of aging says you’re genes determine everything about you including the exact age you will live to be. While there is a genetic component to aging, scientists have found that what you do with your environmental factors has a greater determination on how you will age and how long you will live.
  • Use it or lose it theory of aging. This is a very simple theory which says the body is in need of constant daily tune ups. So if you do not use you’re muscles they will atrophy and this is true. The less you use your muscles the less they will be in their peak prime condition. The less sexual activity you have the less well you’re sex organs will function and so on. In a way this theory is the opposite of the wear and tear theory of aging. Without question there is some merit to this theory. Scientists who believe in this theory even say we should allow ourselves to be exposed to germs so our immune system will get a work out and be in better shape for the long run. True enough but this theory alone does not fully explain aging even though it is a part of how we do age.
  • Short Telomere Theory of aging. This is one of the most important discoveries ever made to the way our bodies age and why.Inside the nucleus of our cells, genes are arranged along twisted double stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes. At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres, which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to regenerate and divide, and hold some great secrets to how we age.Telomeres have been compared with the plastic tips on shoe laces, because they keep chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to each other, which would destroy our genetic information. Here is the massive problem: Each time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter…when they get too short the cell cannot regenerate anymore and dies. The telomeres in cancer cells never shorten and thus make cancer immortal cells which divide forever unless we kill them with radiation and chemo.So what we are looking for as in the starfish which is immortal and has telomeres that never shorten is the same for humans…we want to figure out how to make it so that human cells telomeres do not shorten with each cell division. One substance we have found that makes telomeres longer is HGH (Human Growth Hormone.) We have also discovered that a key component in the Ashwagandha herb, makes telomeres longer. Without question this is a way to increase lifespan and foster better health. Both HGH and Ashwagandha work to make telomeres longer by creating the enzyme telomerase. Youthful blood levels of both Estrogen and Testosterone increase the length of telomeres by creating more telomerase. So much of what Anti-Aging protocols are doing actually eventuate in making more telomerase and thus longer telomeres. Here at AAI we find this extremely important and exciting as we are always researching daily how to find new methods of creating longer telomeres and thus longer, healthier life.

We are just scratching the surface in the expose of what makes humans age and how to reverse that process. Here at AAI. we will continue to make new information like this available to the public as well as keeping some important discoveries private and proprietary to Dr. Sosna and his clients only.

We are greatly encouraged that our longevity educational doctor; Dr. Larry Sosna has discovered several additional herbs from Russia which make the telomeres longer. Dr. Sosna is committed to finding enough telomere increasing substances from nature to keep all of our telomeres long enough to make a very serious contribution to increased lifespan and vigorous, perfected states of good health.

If you want to know more about how anti-aging therapies can work for you, don’t wait.


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antiaging 43325

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

It seems like everyone has heard about HGH Human Growth Hormone. But what is it? And is it

safe to take? HGH is 191 Amino Acids in an Exact Molecular Structure. It is NOT a Steroid! Given Correctly at the right dosage it is very Safe and Effective…

If I may be so bold as to talk to you just like we were friends and neighbors, I would be very


You see over 35 years ago, I was just about to die from a serious yet common virus

which normally just shows up on the lip as a sore. Well, that is just what happened AND for

some reason it jumped right on up through my nose, through my sinus and attacked my brain

and spinal cord. All I heard from the doctors was get ready young man, because it seems like

you’re time is up. But guess what? I sure got lucky and did not die like they all said I would. It

was really bad though. I spent 3 years in bed and another 2 years in a wheel chair until I got a

little bit better and one of my friends, also a doctor told me I should take HGH Human Growth

Hormone…and that I might get better. Well, that was the first good news anyone gave me in 5

whole years.

See, think about it like this. Growth Hormone is like a five star general. It’s very smart and just

like a five star general it can and does give orders and commands to everything in our whole

body. Amazing right! So let say you lived in the condo just down the hall on the same floor as

me and you would come and visit me so I would not get so lonely. Because that’s the kind of

friend you are, a real good and decent one.

You noticed each week I was getting a lot better suddenly, and when you came to visit you

wanted to know how in the world did I go from being flat on my back, to moving around and

even walking a bit. Naturally being a friend you had, and maybe still have lots of questions

about how in the world does Growth Hormone make a guy as bad off as me so much better

week after week.

Well, the research doctors explained it very simply by saying that HGH human growth hormone

or just plain GH growth hormone, being the 5 star general, gives orders to the cells in the body

to repair themselves. Growth Hormone can tell any cell at all…say a skin cell, or a nerve cell, or

a heart cell to repair and regenerate itself during deep restful sleep at night. In my situation I

needed lots of repair and regeneration to the nerve cells of my brain and spinal nerves.

It seemed as if I was the only person to survive this type of horrible viral damage to my brain

and spinal nerves they said maybe a few have lived but in a life long coma. So, please listen to

the next part of my journey… because it’s Super Amazing…They tell me that I am going to Italy

to be treated by a woman who won the Nobel Prize in 1985 exactly the time I needed her

because she discovered something very close to growth Hormone which I needed called Nerve

Growth Factor… which when we are in our mother’s womb…Grows all of the billions of Nerves

that become our BRAIN and spinal nerves. I was the first person on this planet to get shots of

nerve growth factor which Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for and guess what

happened next???

I made a discovery which made me a little famous within Nerve Scientists and Regenerative

Medicine Experts… few that existed back then. What you ask? I discovered that unless a person

with nerve damage or any other long term illness GETS very youthful blood levels of Growth

Hormone to activate the Nerve Growth Factor! Remember Growth Hormone is the Five Star

General, so I could feel the injections of Nerve Growth Factor not making me better… so I did

some basic arithmetic and decided I needed both Nerve growth Factor and Blood levels of

GROWTH HORMONE which would be normal for the average healthy 14 year old young adult.

In 12 months of doing the treatment this way, I went back to Italy 100% healed. No more wheel

chair. The new program had regenerated all of me and repaired all damaged nerves to my

brain and spine. I got better and in the process of needing to do maintenance each week and

each month throughout the years….I became an acknowledged expert in the field of Growth

Hormone Programs, Regeneration Therapies and all the Tissue Growth Factors of the body

starting with Nerve Growth Factor.

As you age, growth hormone declines dramatically. There are new studies that predict that for

every 18 years after age 18…Growth Hormone Declines by 50%. Thus, according to the University

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill….known for being the best at medical studies based on age and

by large groups of people by their age… called demographic medical research studies… We can

see that if you add 18 years to age 18 in just 3 times a person would go from age 18 to age 54

and we see in just 1 more cycle a person is then age 72  and if we go just 1 more cycle a

person becomes age 90… If we follow this very simple method, we see a virtually perfect

predictive model for all age related disease and illness. In this model, aging is an illness in and of

itself. WHY? Because there is simply not enough growth hormone available at or above age 50

to mobilize or put more simply, to turn on the specific nerve growth factor and all the other

tissue growth factors such as muscle growth factor, or skin growth factor, or liver and kidney

growth factor, BONE GROWTH FACTOR…which decline in tandem with growth hormone to be

able to do youthful levels of cell repair and regeneration and thus all the age related issues

including wrinkled skin seen on the face and age related illnesses debilitate folks in time. It is

horrible to see unnecessary Bone Lose and see little old men and women hunched way

over…unable to straighten back up.

So what can we do? We can give much more youthful blood levels of Growth Hormone by

injection, in fact by a very tiny needle so small most folks hardly if ever even feel it. I certainly

do not feel it and I have been giving myself Growth Hormone shots for 25 years.

What else can we do that very few other places can do? We can give our beloved family of

clients all of the specific Tissue Growth Factors including Nerve Growth Factor. We can get

our clients back to youthful levels of both HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE and ALL TISSUE

GROWTH FACTORS so as to be always consistent in producing cell repair and regeneration for

our client’s entire body and not just a few aspects of the body.

I am now age 63 as of Jan. 27 and I have the physiology of a 30 year old and often feel

younger than that.

Advantages to this protocol:

Better Eyesight vision… especially at Night

Increased Cardiac output (stronger more youthful heart muscle)

Enhanced Sex Drive

Loss of FAT around the waist

Increase in lean body muscle

Better metabolism

Much Faster Wound Healing

Hair and Nails Grow Longer Faster (Women Love it)

Improves Daily Energy

Increases Confidence

Emotional ability to Deal with Stress

Much Improved Sleep

Better Orgasms

According to Dr. Daniel Rudman, in New England Journal of Medicine….Age Reversal

And so much MORE

Many Blessings, Dr. Larry Sosna


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Testosterone Benefits



Anti-Aging Answer for Men’s good health using Testosterone

Larry Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

Men are exclusively simple when it comes to a man’s critical hormones, which build a man up

and cause regeneration of muscles bones and some extremely crucial brain function. These all

lie in a man’s ability to make youthful blood levels of Testosterone. Always remember it is

testosterone that keeps all muscles in the body at their normal size and ability to function in a

youthful manner Testosterone keeps men vigorously healthy.

A man produces testosterone by the posterior pituitary’s release of LH which then triggers the

release of HCG which further instructs a man’s testicles to make testosterone. The other super

powerful regenerator of all cells tissues and organs is HGH human growth hormone. These two

hormones kept at youthful blood levels will stop a man from early stage Andropause. All

medical research scientists agree low testosterone is a main cause of male Andropause….The

inability for a man to make youthful blood levels of testosterone. Interesting that the virtually

all male board of American medicine the AMA does not recognize the validity of male


Andropause….. Ego and false pride changes nothing, when you can no longer make the 2 critical


male hormones at youthful blood levels, the reality is just like female menopause, men

change….and that change leads to old age and early death.

Testosterone is made in great abundance in young men age 13 to 30. Testosterone is the

combination on the molecular level of Cholesterol, the B vitamins and Oxygen.

However as we age past age 35 there is a large drop off in about 70% of male production of

testosterone according to the national Institute for Health (NHI) If this drop in production of

testosterone is too severe and happens too quickly, the heart being a muscle can quickly get too small and

not be able to meet cardiac blood stroke volume….the amount of blood needed by the entire

body per beat of your heart.

This can lead to a very sudden electrical storm within the heart

muscle causing severe arrhythmias’ followed by death according to the Harvard ten year

medical study on the human heart…. And we are not talking about a few men dying this way

per year, the CDC estimates nearly 170,000 men die each year caused by the above mentioned


All men can avoid the above described horror by taking swift action and getting a blood test

done to see what your testosterone levels are….forget about the reference range we look at

what is the OPTIMAL range for testosterone at youthful levels I keep mine at 800 to 950. Most

men over 45 will come in with blood levels of roughly 250 to 475, I and a team of scientist/doctors

consider that range to be dangerously low.

So if you have symptoms of :

  1. Low Energy, sudden fat built up around your waistline over the last 2 years, sleep
  2. Poor sleep
  3. Inability to concentrate
  4. Lower sex drive
  5. And irritability….you are looking at Low Testosterone
  6. If you have severe loss of testosterone you could lose hair, have muscle tears, and even

bone fractures…even if you are in your late 40’s and 50’s

Once we restore you to youthful levels of testosterone you will have these great




  1. Decrease in body fat
  2. Increased Muscle tone
  3. Stronger muscles and bones
  4. Improved mood
  5. Higher sex drive
  6. Improved sleep
  7. Enhanced sense of well being
  8. A stronger healthier heart
  9. Increased stamina for work, play, and exercise
  10. Greater Stamina


Several other important factors for men is to keep certain foods very high in your diet:


  1. Pumpkin seeds, have a very high amount of Zinc which prevents prostate cancer and is a good

source of fiber

  1. A zinc nutraceutical supplement is a must starting when a man is 25 years old
  2. Almonds just 10 per day have for 50 years been associated with prevention of cancer of the Lymph

glands in men.

  1. Acetyl- L Carnitine is found in very lean meat, try hard to eat organic meat from Whole foods.
  2. If you use milk every morning with cereal please buy organic milk free of pesticides as regular milk

has enormous concentrations of Estrogen like substances in it which can make a man of young age

need testosterone…I have had several patients that were 27 and 28 years old that had testosterone

levels of a 70 year old due to the fact that they drank large amounts of regular milk daily.

Men doing these above recommendations will help the massive positive effects of testosterone and

good health for men.


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