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Doctor Larry Sosna is a Naturopathic Doctor for decades he has educated individuals, groups and Medical Doctors concerning the empowerments of Scientific Natural Organic Medicine. He is also a PhD in Myology and Molecular Biochemistry. This allows Dr. Larry as his clients like to call him a unique perspective into the prevention of illness and how to combat illness. Dr. Larry’s Protocols are a true synthesis of integrating the very best of  over 6,500 years of Natural Medicine combined with cutting edge modern science.

Dr. Larry Sosna has had mice on his unique anti-aging protocol, they lived an average of 50% longer then the control group which did not get his anti-aging protocol. Best of all the mice that lived 50% longer had virtually no illnesses during their much longer and healthier life.



Dr. Larry Sosna

Larry is President of the national Advocacy for the Chronically ill, which he personally lobbied for President George W. Bush successfully.